The freshness seal is designed to preserve the pods optimal taste and reduce the chances of the pod leaking prior to use. Minor leaking during use may result from extreme temperature conditions, excessive humidity, drastic change of attitude or by aggressively puffing on the mouthpiece. 
If your Nikki pod is leaking slightly, you can still vape it by removing the pod from battery and wiping off the liquid before inserting back to your Nikki device.
If you encounter an excessively leaky Nikki pod or continue to experience leaking, please keep the affected pod and contact Nikki care team using the Contact Us Form.

After removing the freshness seal, please allow the pod to absorb the liquid for 1-3 minutes before use. This will prevent damage to the cotton within the coil, which results in a burnt taste. 
Also, check the e-liquid level of the pod. When the e-liquid is exhausted you will get a burnt taste, which means it’s time for a new pod.
If the burnt taste is light and there is still e-liquid in the pod, stop vaping for 1-3 minutes to allow more e-liquid to absorb into the coil and try vaping again. Excessive chain vaping can cause the coil to dry out; pausing to allow the coil to re-saturate with eliquid will solve this.

Clean the contacts inside the Nikki device and on the Nikki pod using a dry cotton swab.
Residue or moisture on the contacts of Nikki device or Nikki pods may cause a connection issue or affect the internal sensor.

Make sure your charging cable is connected to an adequate power source like a laptop USB port and that the device is making a secure connection to the cable. You can also use a dry cotton swab to wipe off any debris on the metal charge contacts.
If you continue to have problems, please contact Nikki care team at Contact Us Form for assistance.

The noise is most likely caused by wires and components touching the internal shell when shaking the device in some cases. It’s safe and normal if the device is charging normally.